Lucas van der Velden is the director of Sonic Acts. He studied at ArtScience Interfaculty (then Image and Sound) at The Royal Conservatoire and the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague where we met. Founded in 1994, Sonic Acts festival established itself as one of the most vital events/productions in the Netherlands in the domain of interactions between art, technology, music and science. Lucas van der Velden is also a co-founder of the Rotterdam art collective Telcosystems and co-founder of Baltan Lab in Eindhoven.

Almost exactly a year ago, during the 2017 edition The Noise of Being I had a pleasure to steal Lucas’s lunch time and get him to talk a bit about the programme, production & visions for future. Before you venture out into the new edition of Sonic Acts starting this weekend, check this blast from the past. Lucas did foresee many things coming up. Enjoy!


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